Friday, April 22, 2011

The Color Side of Necklaces

The other side of the coin is one also needs to bring color into the wardrobe in other ways. Why not try a colorful necklace? Perhaps something fun and whimsical?

Though these necklaces are metallic, the color of these Shabd fabric prints at Totokaelo lighten the mood and celebrate the great weather coming to us here on the East Coast of the U.S. You won't find fabric like that at Jo-Anns though. So a colorful piece around your neck may be the best way to go.

Similar ones to these are priced as $40 and $100.

First up, are these gorgeous wooden enameled bead necklaces. Unfortunately, these two specific Kristina Klarin necklaces are no longer available but I love her style (check out her personal blog here). They set me off on another journey looking for something similar and that is how I found the necklace below offered by The Vamoose.

Serpentine bead & metal necklace, $51.27 USD

However, these types of designs could be easy to duplicate, especially if using cord instead of chain, you just need to purchase some wooden balls, some cool tester pots of paint, some silk cord and use this tutorial provided by Jenny Gordy at Wikstenmade.

Another why to bring in color is to incorporate floral images such as these by new-to-me company, Ruche:
Charms of the Garden, $45, Rustic Romance, $40.

I think I've already found my colored necklace. It's only $40 dollars so I will probably get it as an "I survived another semester of college" gift in a few weeks after I actually survived. Here are some pics from the amazing site where I found it, Elk Accessories in Australia:

Fan necklaces, long and short, $30-40.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Next Dress

Okay, it's been quiet on the sewing front. I'm very disappointed because I had some lovely things in mind. I can't believe I haven't attempted to sew since that hiccup in February with the unfinished corduroy skirt (now scheduled for a fall completion). I also kept meaning to make my Simplicity 2560 cardigan out of a fuchsia knit I bought but the motivation is just not there.

Well, I now have a new pattern for a slim column of a spring dress and I was so expecting to find some colorful spring fabrics to make it. However, a trip to Hancock Fabrics, Jo-Anns, and even Hobby Lobby left me cold. There was a great turquoise from the new Lisette fabric line but I wanted a fabric that had more drape.

Guess what? I ended up with a wonderful fabric that totally goes against what I've been posting lately. I bought BLACK fabric!

Now, it is technically black and white but from a distance it will read black. A cotton, polyester, and Lycra mix, it has a very nice drapy hand. But when I picked it up I realized that the pattern and color would be great for job interviews and it might also look killer with my black and gray duster coat when it finally gets finished. In fact, this dress might motivate me to start on that!

So, wish me luck, I hope to have this done by the first week of May.

Yeah. I said it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Look At Statement Necklaces

OK, I'm officially obsessed now. I can't stop searching for necklaces! So here are some more that I've found and there will probably be even more. I have also found some pretty fabulous jewelry tutorials too if I decide to save my money afterall.

These first three pictures (from Talbots and Totokaelo) show you how a great necklace (even worn without earrings) can make a simple outfit look polished and finished. Don't you agree?

See how a statement necklace pumps up even the most basic of garments?

This one is a little over the top (and out of my price range!), but it is adjustable and can change shape, either massed into a tinier shape or furled out like eagles wings, as seen here.

Labana necklace, $48; Garan necklace, $58.

Agnes necklace, $44; Takia necklace, $54.

Believe it or not but the pieces above are all from maligned clothing manufacturer, Chico's. Note: In some otherwise fussy stores you may have to look through the overly designed to find the simpler designs but it can be worth it.

Is this not fabulous?! It should be, it's from online store Slap Me Fabulous.

Geometric Diamond Bib necklace (1036N), $96.

Geometric Pendant Necklace (1038N), $52. Another possibility.

This store, Brodie Hall Jewelry came up in a Google image search after about an hour and I am in love! Isn't that last necklace almost perfect?
Any ideas which one from this or the other post I should buy? Please help.

Sources (listed in order): (1), Totokaelo (3), Chico's (4), Slap Me Fabulous (1), Brodie Hall Jewelry (4)


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Friday, April 08, 2011

Papercut Patterns in NZ

1006 Watson Jacket, $27.

I spent a little time yesterday discovering some new sewing blogs. You know how it is when your regular blogs are not as prolific as they once were and you have read all their archived projects. You need new stuff, like a drug. Discovering new blogs gives you instant content and of course there are THEIR archives, which are all New To You.

Well, a few days ago when I was checking out Dixie DIY's adorable blog I found an old post of hers that mentioned an independant pattern company I hadn't heard about, Papercut Patterns out of New Zealand. This company is one that needs to be talked about. It was founded by Katie Brown and I love that she presents her patterns as seasonal collections. Right now she has two collections and the styles are great. Besides the very cool designs the company is also dedicated to sustainability and their goal to use 100% recycled and recyclable products. Just check out their packaging!

The pattern creates its own hanger for placing it right alongside your own personally drafted oaktag patterns. However, the pattern prices are a bit high even before including the cost of shipping ($10) to the U.S. The only other drawback I see is that the patterns are only sold in individual sizes, not multi-size packs. Here are a few of her looks:

1008 Milano Cape, $27.

1007 Pleated Pant, $23.

1002 Miss Chalmers Skirt
, $19.

Papercut Patterns

Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Statement Necklace

Note: I just received an AdSense check from Google and have a bit of profit in my Etsy shop, so I'm thinking of treating myself to something nice. Otherwise, I would not be looking at jewelry. Isn't that sad but it's just not a necessity.

Lodge, $98.

I suddenly had a desire to buy myself some jewelry, especially a statement necklace, much like the ones I admire all the time at Totokaelo, all metal but simple in style. Something that would make a simple T and shorts combo look "artist" cool.

This feeling all came after I saw some old posts on Simple Lovely showing the jewelry that the author Joslyn owns. She is almost always wearing some fabulous necklace to go with her very cool clothes. This time, the necklace was by Laura Lombardi via the Pretty Mommy site. Checking out her items available there, her namesake site, and her Etsy shop these are the ones I just can't stop thinking about:

Spiked Fringe, $70. A real possibility

Such a favorite, but oh...the price.

So an actual Lombardi is still a possibility because she does have some affordable pieces, but I still went searching the Internets for similar pieces and other artists who use these materials.

Here are two that I found:

I should snatch this last one up now, right? Before I regret it like I regret missing out on this gem?

Monday, April 04, 2011

What I've Always Wanted...

but didn't know I did.

It is champagne-colored silk organza covered with a mix of faux pearls, rhinestones, and silver beads. It is lined in matching silk organza and closes with a separating zipper. However, I would probably wear it as a dress. And believe it or not, it would actually fit me, something I rarely see when I look at vintage nowadays.

More details and enlarged pictures at Vintage Textile.

Beaded silk organza evening coat, late 1950s, $1,250.